The Green Enough Project aims to raise ecological behaviour of adults and adolescents with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities by creating an adapted educational program for the professionals working with them on a daily basis. It aspires to develop a training for professionals to educate people with disabilities and their families to adopt an ecological driven behaviour exhibited in their daily product and energy consumption (or decrease of consumption), transportation and waste management.

An important aspect of the Green Enough Project is the emphasis on autonomy and the development of daily living skills in an environmentally friendly manner. The development and use of Augmented Reality application will contribute greatly to this goal, as professionals will acquire the skills to educate their beneficiaries on independent eco-friendly daily living supported by an easily accessible and adapted app on their devices. What is more, the curriculum and training developed will be certified according to EU standards in order to ensure quality, credibility and transferability of the project results.




The objectives of the Green Enough Project will be reached through the following activities:

  • Raise awareness seminars concerning climate change and the need for ecological behaviour for individuals with D.D./I.D. and their caregivers
  • Research concerning ecological behaviour and disability, existing tools and methodologies
  • Curriculum creation based on recent literature -Augmented Reality application development and use, including an authoring tool for the enrichment and continuous update of the content
  • Certification scheme to adapt and certify the curriculum, the training and the participating professionals working with people with D.D./I.D.
  • Train the trainers event -Piloting activities and case studies to measure the impact of the training on the ecological behaviour of the participants
  • Dissemination strategy including multiplier events, newsletters, online platform-site, presentations in conferences and relevant venues



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