The Green Enough Project

The Green Enough Project aims to raise ecological behaviour of adults and adolescents with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities by creating an adapted educational program for professionals working with them on a daily basis. The developed educational program will combine traditional methodologies (on site visits, seminars) with an innovative Augmented Reality application.

The participating professionals will be trained, assessed and certified in the educational program and the use of the application, aiming to raise awareness and promote positive ecological behaviour of their beneficiaries. Piloting activities will be organised so as to ensure quality of the training developed and the whole process is going to be adapted to European quality standards.

There are two main target groups of the project:

  • Direct Target Group: Professionals working with people with disabilities (psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, special educators, activity coaches etc) are interested in raising the ecological behaviour of their beneficiaries and in making their organisations environmentally friendly


  • Indirect Target Group: Adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities that will be recruited and will participate in the piloting activities organised during the project, that will be carried out by the trained professionals. They will have an integral role from the beginning of the Green Enough Project, as they will participate in the research by providing their insights concerning ecological behaviour.



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